Dropping Out of College- the Backup Plan

So, you had a grand plan to get your life on track— but it just didn’t work out. Our capitalistic world demands perfection, and failure can certainly send someone through the stages of grief; including denial, anger at yourself and others, even depression. A detour to your foolproof plan can be world-shattering. Thankfully, you areContinue reading “Dropping Out of College- the Backup Plan”

Why I Dropped Out Of College

For many young adults, the most terrifying conversation you can have begins with “Mom, Dad, I don’t think I want to go to school anymore.” But never fear, you’re not alone; according to educationdata.org, the dropout rate among college students in the US is 40%— more than 1/3 of enrolled students. Growing up, my parentsContinue reading “Why I Dropped Out Of College”