5 Self Care Things to Know About Introverts

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This week, my older sister came into town for an important family gathering.

My day job involves speaking to possibly over a hundred people a day. On a normal week, I am completely drained after a shift. This week, I came home and socialized more.

I am completely exhausted. 

I’m sure my other introverts can totally relate. Introverts gain their energy from within, which involves needing a lot of alone time– quiet alone time. 

Self-care for introverts looks a little bit different than self-care for introverts.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Introverts Need to Say No Sometimes

I absolutely love my extroverted friends. When we go out, they involve me and make me comfortable in a way I couldn’t be without them. However, they ALWAYS want to go out. 

Sometimes when the weekend hits I want nothing more than to shut myself in my house and pop onto the couch. Now, sometimes I just have to get over it and go to a party (yuck) in order to keep the strength of my friendships. Other times I have to be honest. 

When you need to recharge, you say no.

I find even though these friends can’t relate, they can understand when I need my alone time. I just let them know I’ve had a draining week and need to relax. This is a totally acceptable reason not to go out, and good friends will understand and wish you a good break.

Remember, it is not selfish to create a boundary that protects your personal time.

2. Introverts Need Deep Thought

Introverts typically don’t care for small talk. If you’ve had a lot of meaningless, polite conversations lately, you may need a relaxing way to satisfy your deeper desire for real thought. 

Personally, I’m a reader. I love a good book that sparks some introspective thinking. For me, fiction is the best because it is entertaining and I can dive into some great metaphors. 

I also keep a journal. If the idea of getting your thoughts out without having to actually speak to someone appeals to you, this might be your thing too.

Another great way to do this is through internet communities. I am just getting into those, but it seems like a great opportunity. If you have a cool hobby, join a subreddit or chat group– you can deep dive into your interests from the comfort of home.

3. Introverts Can Have Fun in Comfort

Crowds can straight up make me nauseous– but an empty movie theatre or a quiet bookstore feels like a dream come true.

Sometimes, I like to ring up my friends and offer to take them to a movie just so we can be alone and have a great conversation afterwards. This satisfies my needs to have deeper conversations with my friends and strengthens our relationships.

A cute coffee shop hangout is great too, and there’s nothing like a latte to jump-start your social energy.

The point is, you can take care of your need to have loved ones around and your need to stay to yourself all at once. Good friends will be happy to be around you whether it’s a crowded bar or a calming walk in the park. 

4. The Introvert Mini Vacation

A particularly stressful time calls for the Introvert Mini Vacation.

The Introvert Mini Vacation is simply the act of removing yourself from other people and taking a couple days to have a complete recharge.

In my case, I like to fill my vacation with mindless activities. I pamper my cat, watch Netflix, and read the latest YA novel I’ve added to my collection. These activities take minimal effort and are genuinely enjoyable.

When my vacay is over, I have energy and conversation topics again. I get to feel myself, and my coworkers get to hear about how awesome my cat is.

By the way, he’s awesome. This is Jack:

5: Introverts Aren’t Broken Because They Need Space

The most important part of taking care of yourself is accepting who you are. The world is filled with introverts. Not everyone is constantly chatting attractive folks up at the bar and dancing on the table at parties. 

We’re all different and equally special for our own reasons.

Quiet, reserved people always make me feel comfortable. I love a good introvert that will sit and discuss the afterlife with me. And being loved by an introvert is one of the most special feelings in the world.

You’re awesome, intelligent, and fun.

With love,

An introvert who is spending the ENTIRE weekend watching Netflix in bed xoxo

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