My Cat Saved Me From My Breakup

Buckle up, because this one’s getting personal.

RIght at the birth of this blog, I was very happy in the relationship with my boyfriend at the time. We met in college, and he was the most ambitious guy on campus. He fought for my attention and when I was finally ready, I gave him a chance.

We communicated openly, until I thought I understood everything about him. I thought he was perfect. I introduced him to my mom, and I never bring men home to my mom.

That was until I opened up his computer one day and saw he had been meeting up with his ex-girlfriend. 

I confronted him that night, and the next day I was a single woman.

I was beyond heartbroken right on impact. Like, I thought I had been hurt before, but this was different. It was shattering.

Naturally, I called my best friend. Within the day, she was at my door with a kitten.

I never knew how much a little cat could change your life until that moment. 

My cat gave me a reason to get out of bed

I already was struggling with my mental health before the breakup, and I have no doubt I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed for weeks had things played out differently.

Jack (my cat) ensured I got out of bed each day.

 The little guy needed his food, water, and litter box and he was going to make sure he got it. He’d jump all over my legs and even lick at my eye until I got out of bed.

He also insisted I play with him. He’d nip on my fingers and hop like a bunny rabbit on the bed. I really had no choice but to engage. 

Waving that little mouse-on-a-stick helped my mental health a little more than it probably should have.

Jack staved off loneliness

It’s hard to miss human touch with a kitten around.

Jack would curl up right on my chest, maybe because he liked to hear my heartbeat, maybe because he knew I was hurting. That tiny weight on my chest meant everything.

His little purrs would tell me he was happy as a clam to be cuddled up with me. He’d lick the tip of my nose, and bump me with his forehead. When I fell asleep, he’d be right next to me.

My cat was my companion, and he was great at his job. There was never a lonely moment.

This is my cat Jack– the one who helped me through my breakup 😉

Jack really took my mind off the hurt

Whether he was trying to catch the fish on the tv, or hanging upside down from the cat tree, he was going to get a laugh out of me.

Cats can be the funniest creatures. 

They will entertain themselves for hours with a box. They’ll play pretend like they’re a lion after a gazelle, only to pounce on a shoe. 

A couple times, I swear I saw him perform a backflip.

Even through heartbroken tears, Jack would make me laugh and see some positivity in my life. 

Laughter is the best medicine, after all.

Cats Love Unconditionally

I admit, when going through something hard, sometimes I won’t shower for days. Even when I was stinky with messy hair and a red face, Jack loved me just the same.

In fact, he may have been even clingier when I was a little stinky.

While people can make you feel like you’re constantly trying to impress them, our pets are just happy to have us. 

It felt really nice to be loved at one of my lowest times, and I’m sure it would’ve been a billion times harder to remember my self worth without Jack.

Cats don’t lie

Cats don’t lie and they don’t cheat. 

They don’t tell you they need a break, or that they’re too busy to love you.

As long as you take care of your kitty, you’ll always have a loyal friend in them. That makes them pretty great in my book.


Someone who sounds like a crazy cat lady right now

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