How You Can Avoid the Holiday Stress 2021

Let’s be Honest

Holidays can stress you the eff out. They take all your money, demand all your time, and stretch you right to your limit. I’m talking about gifts, decorations, trips, parties– things that are time and money consuming. 

The holiday season is supposed to be something to enjoy, not something that makes you want to crack open a bottle of your strongest liquor. This year, let’s make it less stressful… just follow these easy few tips below!

Start NOW

The holiday season has a real funny way of sneaking up on you. One second you’re celebrating the Fourth of July, and the next there’s Christmas music piping through Target. What the heck?! 

As soon as you see pumpkin spice lattes popping up at Starbucks, it’s time to start thinking about the Holidays. That’s right– early September is when it all begins. When the leaves turn red, start saving some bread (aka money). Self indulgence dies in the fall, because if you want to eliminate holiday stress, squaring away all that extra money ahead of time is going to make your job way easier.

Decide what traditions you care about

Pick your favorite traditions

Every family has holiday traditions, but if you have about twenty, it stops being fun and turns into a chore list. Maybe you absolutely hate the act of decorating the whole front of the house. Stop doing it. I promise the kids won’t care, children don’t appreciate good decorating.

Maybe you always throw a big holiday party, but it stresses you out everytime it rolls around. Guest lists, snacks, candies, drinks, decor, goodie bags– it’ll suck up your time (and your money) real fast. If it’s not everything to you, consider moving your big gathering until after the holidays.

Thank me later.

Stop cooking everything

You’re not gonna lose everyone you love if you don’t make ten dishes from scratch every year, I promise. If you’re the cook at Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s time to make other people chip in. They can bring drinks or cook a couple dishes, it doesn’t matter. Just divide it up.

Also, while food from scratch is delicious, your guests/family will survive if you buy some things from the store. Hawaiian rolls exist for a reason. Prioritize the favorite foods and purchase the rest so you have a chance to sit down this holiday too.

Do less running and more resting

The holidays wreak havoc not only on our minds, but our bodies too. Take moments to sit, stretch, and meditate. Make sure to go for a walk now and then. Keeping our bodies healthy is essential to eliminating stress– and a healthy body needs sleep.

The holidays shouldn’t be about a crazy amount of activity anyways. They’re about spending time with your family and making each other smile. This year, appreciate what you have and spend your holidays the way you want.

Stress free!

Refuse arguments

Me and you, we’re gonna decide right now not to engage in arguments this year. It’s 2021, so we can expect talks about Covid vaccines, race, politics, and a whole bunch of other controversial topics to emerge from the festivities.

The best way to deal with these is to not engage at all. 

Someone else: “Hey, (your name), what do you think about (xyz political topic)?

You: “Yeah, these mashed potatoes are awesome!”

This is how I do it. Staple a smile to your face and stay the heck out of arguments. All they do is raise your blood pressure and stress you out.

Know what you can handle

We all love the holidays, but you can’t handle going to every event in town or listening to your Great Uncle Joey slander your little sister, and that’s OK. This year, we’re setting boundaries. 

sad young ethnic lady arguing during video call
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If Great Uncle Joey doesn’t agree to respect your loved ones, don’t celebrate the holidays this year. Don’t be afraid to say no to your coworker’s Christmas cookie baking party. It’s always okay to set boundaries around how you wish to spend your free time, so stop worrying about other people and prioritize yourself.

Happy early holidays!!

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