The 3 Best Self Care Books for Entrepreneurs

Being stuck at home during the pandemic brought one great thing into many of our lives: the time to pursue the dream of entrepreneurship. 

Now you’ve probably learned that entrepreneurs are extremely busy people. Between all the hard work and networking, self care can fall to the sidelines. In order to incorporate this back into your routine, you may need a companion. 

Enter, the three best self care books for entrepreneurs.

The Art of Less Doing

By Ari Meisel

This book is described as the key to less work, more results, and more happiness. Reviewers of The Art of Less Doing call it a must-read for people who work nonstop. 

The idea is to simplify your life and your job. Doing less and receiving better results and more money is, like, everyone’s dream. However, getting there isn’t easy. Luckily we have this book to give us the roadmap to a simpler, happier, more rewarding life.

How is this self care? Easy. Self care is making more time for YOU, and this book will help you do just that. Best of all, it was written with entrepreneurs in mind.

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The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

By John Jantsch

This book is like a devotional, but for entrepreneurs. It contains 366 daily meditations to recenter and inspire all written by notable authors. That’s enough guided meditation for a year plus an extra day. 

John Jansch himself is an entrepreneur you can trust to lead you in the right direction. He helps small businesses all over the states to pave the way for steady growth.

Reviewers claim this book will help you make confident decisions, strengthen your character, and instill much-needed wisdom. That’s a lot of benefits to reap from five minutes a day– which is all it will take to get through a chapter. 

How is this self care? This book inspires self-reflection and growth without demanding any more from you than five minutes.

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The 100 Day Goal Journal

By John Lee Dumas

In my post The 4 Areas of Self Care, I mention journaling as a from of psychological self care. Taking the ideas inside of your head and getting them outside of your head is the first step to figuring everything out.

This journal works for anyone with big goals, but I find it perfect for entrepreneurs. If offers tips, as well as a space to write what your daily goals are, what you did to accomplish them, and how it worked out. This is the perfect space to reflect on your actions and your day, while still remembering what you’re working so hard for.

Reviewers say this has been the best tool they’ve used thus far to accomplish their goals. At a great price point and made with the highest quality, there aren’t a lot of reasons not to give this one a try. 

How is this self care? This book helps you to reflect on your successes and your challenges. Self-reflection is always self care.

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