3 Great Self-Care Books for Nurses

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

Ru Paul

In nursing, this quote can be reworded to say,  “if you can’t care for yourself, how can you care for others?” In a profession centered around taking care of the health of others, it’s extremely important to care for yourself. Unfortunately, the majority of nurses simply don’t have the time to focus on themselves. 

Nursing causes some of the highest levels of stress in the workforce. It can be so easy to give in and become a less vibrant, exhausted version of yourself. These three books help to navigate the difficulty of self care when you give so much of your time to others.

  1. Back to the Basics: A Nurse’s Pocket Guide to Self-Care

This is a quick, easy to read guide meant to draw nurses back to the basics of self care. The pocket guide helps nurses to take a moment to remember what’s important to them in life, and take action to preserve that.

Author Elizabeth Scala is a registered nurse. She began her career at Johns Hopkins hospital and quickly faced burnout. In a high intensity hospital like Johns Hopkins, this isn’t very surprising. She left the hospital and began working in a wellness center, guiding people back to health. Eventually, she returned to Johns Hopkins and realized what she wanted to do was help guide other nurses back to health, so they wouldn’t become as stressed and burned out as she once was.

Scala took this idea and created Back to The Basics: A Nurse’s Pocket Guide to Self-Care. Many nurses need a reminder that it’s OK to take a moment for themselves, and this book does that and much more. This is an amazing, short read that can help create a much less stressful life and career.

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  1. Self-Care for Nurses: 100+ Ways to Rest, Reset, and Feel Your Best

Do you know the importance of self care in your profession, but you don’t know where to start? This book does the work for you, with over one hundred self care activities designed for nurses already laid out in front of you.

These activities are low-cost or free, and take hardly any time at all. This means if you are in the middle of your shift and feel mental exhaustion creeping in, you can open your book for a quick pick me up. An idea can open the door for a world of changes, and this book has more than a hundred of them.

Author Xiomely Famighetti is a critical care nurse. If you’ve stepped foot in a critical care unit, you truly know stress. I believe this makes her a trusted source when it comes to your nursing needs.

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  1. My Quotable Patients – The Funniest Things Patients Say: A Journal to collect Quotes, Memories, and Stories of your Patients

Laughter is the best medicine; nurses know it, and it works for them too. In a stressful career like nursing, it’s all the more important to step back and laugh sometimes. Taking life too seriously is a recipe for disaster.

This journal is made for nurses to record the funny, wise, and straight up unforgettable things their patients say. On a hard day, one of the best things to do is to look back and remember the good bits. There’s no better way to keep on going.

Patients are the reason nurses choose the helping profession, and sometimes all you need is a reminder as to why you do what you do. With this journal, you can reflect on the great things you do whenever you need it.

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