The 3 Best Self Care Books for Teachers

Teachers are the heroes of the work force.

They work long hours outside of their pay to take care of their classroom and students. Teachers just aren’t paid enough for what they do, and they work sometimes beyond their limits to make it work.

Because teaching is such a demanding job, it is extremely important that teachers take the time to look out for themselves. In a career that focuses on others, it can feel selfish to take time for yourself. However, self-care can be hugely beneficial to the impact you make on students. Self care sets you up to better handle any challenges whether they be physical, psychological or professional.

Self care doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. These three books are designed for teachers and remove the hard work of finding the time and money to take care of yourself from the picture. 

1. 180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators (A 36-Week Plan of Low-Cost Self-Care for Teachers and Educators)

By Tina H. Boogren

This book lays out thirty six weeks of low-cost, time-effective self care. This coincides with each week of the teaching school year. Topics range from relationships to social media, and gives opportunities to check in with yourself, assess your needs, and act on them.

Reviewers describe this layout as perfect for the busy educator. When coming from other teachers, this is to be taken seriously.

The author, Tina H. Boogren, PhD, has experience in a variety of educational roles at all levels. Her extensive experience and intense research is reflected in this book’s high quality and how easy it is to follow.

This book can be found here:

2.  For All You Do: Self-Care and Encouragement for Teachers

By Peter Mishler

The description for this book opens with a too true statement:

“Today’s teachers face incredible challenges as they’re asked to do more with less. With above-and-beyond responsibilities that include advocacy, counseling, and crisis control, teachers are being recognized as some of the most indispensable workers in our society.”

Every year, teachers adapt to more change and consistently are expected to do more with less. With that said, it’s increasingly important to take moments to refresh and renew themselves along the way.

For All You Do is chalk full of affirmations, low cost self care ideas, and opportunities to reflect. Author Peter Mishler is a veteran teacher with a voice that serves as a mentor for newer teachers who may need a voice of reason in a time of change and hard work.

Get the book here:

3. May Your Coffee be Stronger Than Your Students: Love Begins Here – Self Care Journal for Women

This wouldn’t be a self care post of mine if I didn’t mention journalling.

Journalling is a unique opportunity at reflection. It’s hard to find solutions to problems that never leave the mind. Having a place to write daily thoughts and reflections can help you map out exactly what your needs are and how to take care of them.

This journal in particular features pages dedicated to tracking your mood throughout the year, as well as designated spaces to express gratitude and write affirmations. There are prompts throughout to spark reflection when you need a hand. It also offers an opportunity to track personal self care goals throughout so you can see exactly how much progress you’ve been making.

With a cute, catchy “May your coffee be stronger than your students” on the front, and a low price of just over six dollars, there’s really no reason not to incorporate this great journal into a daily self care routine.

Get the journal here:

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