How Patience Leads to Success

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I’ve grown up in the technological world, so I know a little something about instant gratification. In this age, everything is instantly available, whether that be written information, music, or games to play. You click a couple buttons, and the results are instantaneously delivered.

This system of instant rewards has bled into every aspect of daily life. “How to make money fast” is an extremely popular search term on Google, and the frequency of this search grows steadily each day. Modern technology has made us believe there are ways to instantly make money, without the years of hard work we always used to hear about.

Searches People Have Made for Quick Money

Success just doesn’t come instantly– and it especially doesn’t stick that way. Now we’ve all heard about the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise works steadily on, but the hare bounds off in seconds only to exhaust himself and collapse. This is the reality of success.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and success requires lots of consistent small steps. Chances are, it will take months or years of hard work before you see the hare sleeping on the ground, and begin to reap the rewards. 

But, you ask, how are you supposed to stick it out when you’re putting all your time and energy into this project?

When results arrive slowly, it’s easy to believe you’ve done something wrong, or you’ve completely failed. However, you could do everything right and still have to wait for the good stuff to happen. Feeling as if something is holding you back from fast growth can kill motivation, and lead you to abandon a perfectly good project that could potentially make you millions. Despite what many influencers want you to believe, real growth charts very rarely show a line skyrocketing to the moon in just thirty days.

Growth Chart

What you can do to avoid abandoning your task too soon is set up your own realistic expectations. You can’t expect to have a supportive audience of thousands of people ready to soak in your expertise in a week. Chances are, you will see a slow trickle of people engaging with you over a time span of months. With this in mind, even steady growth will get you psyched and drive you on further. 

Accepting this time frame for success will allow you a mindset that helps you grow more effectively. Taking small steps to push your success onwards will prevent burnout and keep you passionate. This is a lot better than doing everything very quickly, with low quality and an expectation that it will run perfectly tomorrow. 

This also allows you to invest more into really learning your subject. It will take time, and you will need knowledge to back you up. You will have plenty of time to learn from other successful people, take classes, and read books. Taking the time to understand the nuances of the business you are trying to build will exponentially increase your potential rewards. While you may very well make some money winging it, you will make so much more when applying knowledge intentionally.

Patience is a virtue that helps us to fix our problems without becoming overly frustrated. There are always speed bumps on the path to success that wish to slow us down or deter us. Having patience allows us to navigate these issues effectively, and feel even better when we see improvement than we would feel if everything was instantly right.

The rewards we obtain after working hard and exercising plenty of patience are oftentimes so much better than the instant results we are used to. Success created through persistence is like a prized personal creation that we will always be fond of.

In the grand scheme of things, waiting a couple years is nothing compared to the fruits of true, self-made success. Patience sets you up for life, and should be practiced each day lest you give up on something beautiful.

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