Growing Up Gen Z

Intro to Gen Z Generation Z consists of everyone born between the years of 1997 and 2012. At the time of this book’s creation, the youngest of Gen Z are nine years old, and the oldest are twenty-four.  Generation Z is sometimes referred to as the loneliest generation. Out of all the generations, this isContinue reading “Growing Up Gen Z”

Accepting Past Versions of Yourself

Be kind to past versions of yourself that didn’t know the things you know now. @yogismood Growing up, you go through a whole lot of phases. I’ve spent most of my life avoiding pictures taken of me in the past. I was a chunky kid, and I had a really intense emo phase somewhere inContinue reading “Accepting Past Versions of Yourself”

My Cat Saved Me From My Breakup

Buckle up, because this one’s getting personal. RIght at the birth of this blog, I was very happy in the relationship with my boyfriend at the time. We met in college, and he was the most ambitious guy on campus. He fought for my attention and when I was finally ready, I gave him aContinue reading “My Cat Saved Me From My Breakup”

Why I Jumped Off a Cruise Ship

About four and a half months ago I took a job on a cruise ship travelling the Mississippi river. Two days into the job, I left. Now this wasn’t an easy feat. I was a server, and the dining room was dangerously understaffed. An altercation was guaranteed if someone tried to leave. This meant IContinue reading “Why I Jumped Off a Cruise Ship”

5 Self Care Things to Know About Introverts

This week, my older sister came into town for an important family gathering. My day job involves speaking to possibly over a hundred people a day. On a normal week, I am completely drained after a shift. This week, I came home and socialized more. I am completely exhausted.  I’m sure my other introverts canContinue reading “5 Self Care Things to Know About Introverts”

I Spend Too Much Money

I’m very young– this means I don’t have many bills. I also work a decent-paying day job that I love. I’m very fortunate to be making enough money to be able to save most, but somehow I still manage to spend almost every dollar in my checking account in the two weeks between paychecks. IContinue reading “I Spend Too Much Money”

The Value of Personal Projects

Anything you seek to create or learn on your own is a personal project. This means you are doing it because you want to, and not because you have to. Have you always wanted to learn how to cook? A good personal project may be trying to create your own recipes and make them into a book. Or if you love to write, like me, you may want to start a blog page to show off those typing skills after work.