Family Values For the Modern Family

Two mothers with child

Family values are values passed down from elders to youth that guide roles, decisions, behaviors, and morals. Family values are important because they help family members to make decisions they feel good about and establish strong family bonds. 

In today’s climate, there are people who miss old-fashioned values, and people who do away with the idea altogether. Family values are still important, but with a changing world, they need to be adapted. The nuclear family is dead, financial burden is shared, and non-traditional lifestyles are more widely accepted than ever.

Here are 10 family values for the modern family.

1. Mind Your Business

In a society that is doing away with old norms, it is more important than ever to mind your own business. This means not worrying about other people’s opinions, interests, expectations, habits, homes, attitudes, or anything else that is not your responsibility. Not only is it rude to expect others to do what works best for you, but worrying about other people’s lives detracts from the ability to live our own. 

Minding your own business means letting go of the tendency to gossip, judge,and compare. This will free your mind and make you a better human in the process. Who has time to worry about what others are doing, anyways?

2. Take Care of Your Health

We want nothing more for our families than for them to be in good health, which means we need to instill that priority early on. Taking good care of our bodies and minds guarantees a higher quality of life. This involves a healthy relationship with food, ample physical activity, and special attention to mental health. 

Previous generations have thought of mental illness as a taboo, but today we know that 1 in 5 people struggle with various mental health concerns. Making communication about and attention to mental well-being a priority will make a world of difference to your family.

3. Be Kind, but Not Too Kind

Kindness is a virtue, but so is standing up for yourself. We should make it a priority to show empathy and understanding to others, within established boundaries. We should always use kind and respectful words with other humans, but we shouldn’t perform actions outside of our comfort zone to please others. It should be taught to be nice while also knowing how to say “no.”

Setting boundaries and learning not to be a people-pleaser is something many adults struggle with for far too long. These are values that should be taught from childhood.

4. Don’t Treat Women Like Objects

Unfortunately, many people take it upon themselves to determine the value of a woman based on what they can see. Young men should learn from an early age that the worth of a woman isn’t determined by the amount of clothes on their body or the size of their breasts, but by the contents of their mind. 

It should be within our family values to teach boys that women should be shown respect regardless of their outward appearance. This means treating them as equals, listening to what they have to say, and leaving them alone when they don’t wish for company.

5. Give to Others

One old value that should actually be kept is the importance of staying connected with your community. Communities are like huge families who want the same thing for their neighborhood at the end of the day: safety. 

If you are blessed to be in a comfortable situation, it is important to reach out and help someone else who isn’t. You can give money, time, or even just some kind words that can make a huge difference. Giving makes us happier, more socially connected people. We should be teaching our children how giving to others is also giving to ourselves.

6. Learn & Grow

It is beyond important to always be stretching the limits of our minds. When we stop looking for new information, we become stagnant. This means we won’t be able to adapt when necessary and our skill sets will become old.

Learning helps us to gain new perspectives and keep our brains healthy. As American novelist Tom Clancy once said, “Life is about learning; when you stop learning, you die.”

7. Appreciate Other Cultures

Many modern issues stem from a lack of understanding about other cultures. It is essential in this time to place high value on learning and appreciating cultures outside of our own. Just like learning in general helps us to gain new perspectives, studying the everyday lives and values of others helps to broaden our horizons. 

We are experiencing the most diverse population of all time, and being understanding and accepting of all people is very important. We fear what we don’t understand, so it should be a priority to encourage your loved ones to learn about the cultures of those around them.

8. Have Goals

We can’t force our loved ones into a particular path, but we should encourage them to be aiming for something. Success relies on the goals we set for ourselves. Goals give us something to focus on and strive for, so in the long run we can achieve something worth bragging about. 

Having something to pursue guarantees we level up in life. We all want our families to experience success and achievement, and live a life they are proud of.

9. Practice Self-Discipline

The goals we set mean nothing if we don’t have the self-discipline to stick to them. Self-discipline must be taught to our families to ensure they are capable of gaining the things they wish to have. It breeds productivity and achievement.

It takes self-discipline to complete a lot of important tasks; such as holding your tongue or showing up on time. It is a virtue to be able to control your actions.

10. Stay True to Your Word

It is imperative that we take our commitments seriously. There’s an old saying that you’re only as good as your word, and it still holds true today. You are judged on your actions, so if you say you will do something, you’d better follow through. This is the only way to be honorable and respectable.

It is not only important to keep your word to others, but also to keep your word to yourself. When we promise ourselves change and don’t follow through, we begin to lose confidence. We should encourage our families to stick to all commitments, within reason.

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