You Have to Be An Imperfectionist

I was a kid with extremely high standards for myself. I wasn’t the cutest kid in the world, but by golly was I smart. I was a near prodigy when it came to reading, and it showed in school. The information I’d stockpiled through literature got me into courses and material far beyond my actualContinue reading “You Have to Be An Imperfectionist”

Nine Things I’ve Failed At

…and what I’ve learned from it 1. Blogging In the last few years, I have started several blogs. Each lasted between three days and a week. I’d read a few stories and watched a few videos about bloggers who got really big, really fast. I thought this meant that it would be easy and peopleContinue reading “Nine Things I’ve Failed At”

How Patience Leads to Success

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Jean-Jacques Rousseau I’ve grown up in the technological world, so I know a little something about instant gratification. In this age, everything is instantly available, whether that be written information, music, or games to play. You click a couple buttons, and the results are instantaneously delivered. ThisContinue reading “How Patience Leads to Success”

10 Ways to be Less Bored at Work

Your boss might not want to hear it, but let’s face it– work can get real boring, real fast. When things get slow, you find yourself checking the time every five minutes. This makes for a long day. Here are 10 ways to distract yourself from a long, boring day of work. 1. Set aContinue reading “10 Ways to be Less Bored at Work”

My Cat Saved Me From My Breakup

Buckle up, because this one’s getting personal. RIght at the birth of this blog, I was very happy in the relationship with my boyfriend at the time. We met in college, and he was the most ambitious guy on campus. He fought for my attention and when I was finally ready, I gave him aContinue reading “My Cat Saved Me From My Breakup”

Why I Jumped Off a Cruise Ship

About four and a half months ago I took a job on a cruise ship travelling the Mississippi river. Two days into the job, I left. Now this wasn’t an easy feat. I was a server, and the dining room was dangerously understaffed. An altercation was guaranteed if someone tried to leave. This meant IContinue reading “Why I Jumped Off a Cruise Ship”

Why it’s Okay Not to be Successful Yet

This One Goes Out to my Young Folks It is all too common for people in their teens, twenties, thirties, and even forties to feel disappointed they haven’t yet gotten to the point in life they want to be at. With icons like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates founding companies from a garage in theirContinue reading “Why it’s Okay Not to be Successful Yet”

Dropping Out of College- the Backup Plan

So, you had a grand plan to get your life on track— but it just didn’t work out. Our capitalistic world demands perfection, and failure can certainly send someone through the stages of grief; including denial, anger at yourself and others, even depression. A detour to your foolproof plan can be world-shattering. Thankfully, you areContinue reading “Dropping Out of College- the Backup Plan”

Why I Dropped Out Of College

For many young adults, the most terrifying conversation you can have begins with “Mom, Dad, I don’t think I want to go to school anymore.” But never fear, you’re not alone; according to, the dropout rate among college students in the US is 40%— more than 1/3 of enrolled students. Growing up, my parentsContinue reading “Why I Dropped Out Of College”