A Few Books to Read When You’re Depressed That Aren’t Self-Help

As far as depression goes, there’s a lot more of us suffering than we sometimes feel. If it’s anything like mine, you’ve made a few trips to Google to ask “how to stop being depressed” or to let the internet know that “no one understands.”  If you’ve done this, you know the search results aren’tContinue reading “A Few Books to Read When You’re Depressed That Aren’t Self-Help”

If you can’t make serotonin, store bought is fine

The recipe of antidepressant stigma Ingredients: Misconceptions    3 cups Media influence   ½ Tbsp Blame                  2 Tsp Ingredients lists aside, medications designed to treat mental illness get a bad rap. No one questions a diabetic taking insulin, or an old person with arthritis taking pain medicine.Continue reading “If you can’t make serotonin, store bought is fine”

Why Attention Seeking Isn’t Bad

And How to Do it Right There are plenty of good reasons to want attention. You can be a great person with world-changing ideas, but that doesn’t matter if no one knows who you are. It is essential to put yourself in front of the world if you want to make things shake, but folksContinue reading “Why Attention Seeking Isn’t Bad”

You Have to Be An Imperfectionist

I was a kid with extremely high standards for myself. I wasn’t the cutest kid in the world, but by golly was I smart. I was a near prodigy when it came to reading, and it showed in school. The information I’d stockpiled through literature got me into courses and material far beyond my actualContinue reading “You Have to Be An Imperfectionist”

The Symptoms of Loneliness

Just about everyone knows what it feels like to be lonely on occasion, but those who experience chronic loneliness are at high risk for a variety of mental and physical health problems. Chronic loneliness is a feeling of loneliness that persists over a long period of time. At the tail-end of a pandemic, more ofContinue reading “The Symptoms of Loneliness”

I Hate My Job: This Is How You Can Find Work That Truly Fulfills You

It’s all too common for people to end up in jobs that are the worst possible match for them – this drains them, makes them miserable, and dramatically decreases their productivity. Wouldn’t it be better to end up in a job that you actually enjoy? One that is a good fit for you and yourContinue reading “I Hate My Job: This Is How You Can Find Work That Truly Fulfills You”

A Perspective on the Ego and Self Care

The more I write the word “ego”, the more it doesn’t seem like a real word. This is ironic when you consider what the ego is– the sense of self as affected by the external world. More simply put, the ego is how you look at yourself through the lens of your own personal reality.Continue reading “A Perspective on the Ego and Self Care”

3 Great Self-Care Books for Nurses

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Ru Paul In nursing, this quote can be reworded to say,  “if you can’t care for yourself, how can you care for others?” In a profession centered around taking care of the health of others, it’s extremely important to care for yourself.Continue reading “3 Great Self-Care Books for Nurses”

The 3 Best Self Care Books for Teachers

Teachers are the heroes of the work force. They work long hours outside of their pay to take care of their classroom and students. Teachers just aren’t paid enough for what they do, and they work sometimes beyond their limits to make it work. Because teaching is such a demanding job, it is extremely importantContinue reading “The 3 Best Self Care Books for Teachers”

The 3 Best Self Care Books for Entrepreneurs

Being stuck at home during the pandemic brought one great thing into many of our lives: the time to pursue the dream of entrepreneurship.  Now you’ve probably learned that entrepreneurs are extremely busy people. Between all the hard work and networking, self care can fall to the sidelines. In order to incorporate this back intoContinue reading “The 3 Best Self Care Books for Entrepreneurs”