How To Win an Argument

Show, Don’t Tell Making your point is a challenge in a world where everyone thinks their opinion reigns supreme. It is human nature to believe that what we think as an individual is correct, and that we are the top authority in whatever topic is being discussed. It is extremely difficult to change someone’s mindContinue reading “How To Win an Argument”

Your Lack of Inspiration is a Lack of Consumption

I hate to break it to you– but it’s a rare gem to have a great idea come to mind out of nowhere. Ideas come from other ideas, and those ideas come from information. In order to have ideas, you have to consume other ideas day in and day out. This means constantly learning. YouContinue reading “Your Lack of Inspiration is a Lack of Consumption”

10 Easy Ideas to Get You Out of a Funk: How to Beat Creative Block

 If you’re a creative of any kind—artist, writer, musician, photographer, architect, etc— you know that creative block is a real thing. When it hits, sometimes the best thing to do is give up on your work for a few days and do something else entirely. But there’s a way to get out of a funkContinue reading “10 Easy Ideas to Get You Out of a Funk: How to Beat Creative Block”

If you can’t make serotonin, store bought is fine

The recipe of antidepressant stigma Ingredients: Misconceptions    3 cups Media influence   ½ Tbsp Blame                  2 Tsp Ingredients lists aside, medications designed to treat mental illness get a bad rap. No one questions a diabetic taking insulin, or an old person with arthritis taking pain medicine.Continue reading “If you can’t make serotonin, store bought is fine”

Why Attention Seeking Isn’t Bad

And How to Do it Right There are plenty of good reasons to want attention. You can be a great person with world-changing ideas, but that doesn’t matter if no one knows who you are. It is essential to put yourself in front of the world if you want to make things shake, but folksContinue reading “Why Attention Seeking Isn’t Bad”

Why you SHOULD Care What Other People Think

In The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, law 5 reads “so much depends on your reputation– guard it with your life.” While we aren’t all looking for power, everyone can benefit from the effects of a great reputation.  Caring about what others think can feel negative, but some of your best decisions canContinue reading “Why you SHOULD Care What Other People Think”

Less is More: The Power of Saying Less

In The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, the 4th law reads “always say less than necessary”. The idea behind this law is that the less you say, the more powerful your words come across– and the less likely you are to say something foolish. Many of us stress about what to say, whenContinue reading “Less is More: The Power of Saying Less”

Family Values For the Modern Family

Family values are values passed down from elders to youth that guide roles, decisions, behaviors, and morals. Family values are important because they help family members to make decisions they feel good about and establish strong family bonds.  In today’s climate, there are people who miss old-fashioned values, and people who do away with theContinue reading “Family Values For the Modern Family”

You Have to Be An Imperfectionist

I was a kid with extremely high standards for myself. I wasn’t the cutest kid in the world, but by golly was I smart. I was a near prodigy when it came to reading, and it showed in school. The information I’d stockpiled through literature got me into courses and material far beyond my actualContinue reading “You Have to Be An Imperfectionist”

The Symptoms of Loneliness

Just about everyone knows what it feels like to be lonely on occasion, but those who experience chronic loneliness are at high risk for a variety of mental and physical health problems. Chronic loneliness is a feeling of loneliness that persists over a long period of time. At the tail-end of a pandemic, more ofContinue reading “The Symptoms of Loneliness”